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Manual Reconciliations

It'd be great to be able to check off items within a manual reconciliation, and allow those to remain checked up until a reconciliation is complete. Right now, you have to re-check items to reconcile each time you leave and re-enter the manual reconciliation window.

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  • Nov 3 2020
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  • Rob Strutt commented
    18 Nov 04:07pm

    There is an option to save your work in the Obeer for a brewery. The save button is located in the bottom right corner of the reconciliation window. Just hit save and then you can exit. When you want to work on it again, you just open up the manual reconciliation window like normal - put in the account you want to reconcile with the ending amount and ending date. Once you hit the OK button, it should bring you to the last time you hit the saved button in the reconciliation window.