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Allow users to turn off "Dynamic Timing"

The Brew Sheet has a function to adjust timing for future Production Orders when the time on a PdO is changed. There is currently no way to disable this function, so users can sometimes accidentally click the button and all of their PdO times will get adjusted based on the PdO that was selected. This then requires someone to go back in and edit each PdO to set the time back to when it was originally scheduled.


Having a way to disable this functionality for breweries that don't plan to use it would be helpful. Or if there was some kind of confirmation screen before the PdOs started getting updated that would allow the user to cancel the action would also work, but is still less ideal than turning it off completely.

  • Eric Metcalf
  • Feb 3 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Mike Smith commented
    04 Feb 15:31

    I would like to know if this is unique to this button /function or does the UI Edit Mode work for any customization's? Do those customization's remain after closing and reopening the worksheet that was changed/customized?