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Calculate Pallet Deposits with Finalizer

It would be helpful if I could use the Finalize button to calculate pallet quantities. We have the pallet quantities per pack type set up on the pack type table and the sales order shows "Estimated pallet spots". But I need to add lines for pallet deposits for the customers and edit the quantity manually.


I would like to be able to click finalize and have it add pallet deposits like it does with keg deposits, but enter the quantity necessary based on the finished good/pack type quantities.


What makes it a little tricky is I would want it to round up to the next whole pallet number. So if I am shipping 2.5 pallets worth of beer, I'm not going to whip out a chainsaw and cut a pallet in half, I'll just send 3 pallets (1 of them being half full).

  • Peter Leming
  • Jan 27 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Donald Sealy commented
    20 Feb 20:26

    The round-up thing is actually not tricky at all, we do it with Keg Deposits on Finalizer.

    Does this not do Pallet Deposits correctly?  If not, where are the deficiencies? This may be a bug fix instead of new functionality if it isn't working.