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Add Item-Type functionality to Square Syncing Integration

Currently, the Square integration only creates Service type invoices to track sales made through Square. All inventory and COGS entries have to be manually tallied and entered with a Goods Issue or journal entry to properly allocate the inventory debit/COGS when product is sold.  Setting up Square to sync Item type invoices would allow the system to fully automate the inventory/COGS side of this process.  Square currently allows customers to assign "SKU" numbers to each of the items in their system, which could easily be matched to "Item-Numbers" in OSpirits for this process.

  • Cody Cloyd
  • Sep 24 2019
  • In Development
  • Nov 11, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thanks for this Idea.

    We're happy to report that this improvement is underway with initial customers in Beta right now. We'll have more updates very soon on this topic, so check back here for updates.

    And thanks again for the write up and logging the Idea. We really appreciate hearing that it is interesting to multiple customers.


    The Orchestrated Product Team

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  • Alan Dietrich commented
    September 24, 2019 23:08

    This would help enormously