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Make Disassembly remove items at the same cost that they were produced instead of Moving Average

Currently when doing a Disassembly PdO the Issue for Production removes the header item from stock at the current Moving Average value, but this doesn't necessarily match the production cost of the item on the PdO that is being disassembled so this can cause the value of the item to be wrong.

For example:  
A production order is processed for cases where mistake is made that causes the value of that inventory to be higher than average, $30 per case instead of $6 per case.  There are existing cases in inventory at that warehouse.  Now the moving average of all the cases in the warehouse are higher, increased the average cost to $10 per case.   
When the production order is disassembled the goods issue that removes the cases from stock issues them out at the moving average cost of $10 per case.  This leaves the inventory account still high and does not adjust the average cost down to the original $6 per case.

Desired effect:
When the disassembly is processed the goods receipt value of the original production order is used to relieve the inventory so the cost is reversed correctly.

  • Eric Metcalf
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Added to Roadmap
  • Nov 10, 2019

    Admin response

    This is a really great idea. It is now Under Consideration for a future release, which means we are actively investigating the scope of the software development involved.

    Stay tuned for updates on our progress.

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  • Guest commented
    12 Nov, 2019 03:57pm

    OH yeah. I'm into this.

  • zach hill commented
    14 Mar, 2019 10:26pm

    OMG! THIS! I have had too many "$40K" batches of beer that needed to be fixed. Literally only reason I need to disassemble something is because the cogs got screwed up.  Finding out that only about half of the value got returned in a disassembly action seems like a complete oversight that must be fixed. My 120050-00 and 12010-00 accounts are sooooo jacked up right now. RIP my weekend. 

  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2019 08:44pm

    gotsta gotsta have it LET'S GET THIS PLEASE thanks

  • Brad Stevenson commented
    6 Nov, 2018 05:02pm


  • Guest commented
    6 Nov, 2018 03:32pm

    This is a requirement for any business that produces in multiple warehouses.

  • Jennifer Bloss commented
    6 Nov, 2018 03:18pm

    Yes!!! Please!!!

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